Coyote With Rabbit

coyoteCheck out these amazing photos Mark took this morning on our rounds checking cattle.  A coyote with rabbit in mouth, undoubtedly heading back to kamagra sales the den to feed those pups I’d seen on Monday, stopped a short distance off on the prairie.   Fortunate the camera was along!  Doubly nice she (I’m almost sure the coyote was a female I’d seen Monday with pups.) stopped close by.

The two males were ahead on the road, but in the purchase discount viagra on the internet commotion of the dogs barking hysterically, my driving the Gator along abreast of nolvadex 20 mg the coyote, she moved on order propecia online without a prescription ahead of us, across the back bridge, joined by the males.  All three headed to the thick brush at the ranch back.

Such a terrific shot!   Such a splendid moment, common on the ranch.

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