Harlow Cattle Co. on Evening Magazine

Take a look at this informative story on Evening Magazine that features Becky Harlow-Weed (starts around 6:20). We’re so excited to be part of CrowdCow as they are growing.

Throwback Thursday : Becky and her Champion 4-H Heifer

Becky Harlow-Weed has spent more years than she cares to count on the Harlow ranch. Here is a picture of her in 1961 doing what she does best. When asked about this photo, Becky reflects, “Some of my fondest memories growing-up on the ranch were summers spent showing 4-H heifers and steers.”

Harlow and Crowd Cow Featured in the New York Times

Crowd Cow has been getting a lot of great publicity and as a result, Harlow Cattle Co. has had a couple of vignettes as well. Take a look at this article published in the New York Times.

2015: A Look Back

Life on the ranch is always filled with things that need doing – caring, enjoying, fixing, building, feeding. With the holidays recently past and the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on what a jam-packed, wonderful year it was in 2015. The grandkids help rescue a lost baby calf and give

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Harlow Beef, Now Available on Crowd Cow

Ethan and Joe from Crowd Cow paid a visit to the Harlow Cattle Company ranch last summer, introduced themselves and Crowd Cow – an internet based meat retailer. We all were happy to discover how the Crowd Cow’s mission fits perfectly with Harlow Cattle ranch practices and cows.   The Crowd Cow mission Crowd Cow

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Mobile Slaughter Unit

Pierce County Television did an informative piece on the mobile slaughter unit in our area. Becky Harlow Weed has a nice cameo! Take a look.

Guest post : David LeClaire, Sommelier pairs Harlow beef with some of his favorite Washington wines

Recently I had the good fortune of enjoying a BBQ with good friends, good wine, and well, great steaks! As a red wine lover and someone who can appreciate a great cut of beef, this was a night of perfection and bliss. It all began with stepping into Rain shadow Meats, a new, old-school, full

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So God Made a Rancher

Inspired by Paul Harvey’s 1978 ‘So God Made a Farmer’ Speech And after his good work, God looked down on his paradise and said, “I need more than a caretaker.” So God made a Rancher. God said, “I need someone willing to start the day early, send the spouse off to the second job in

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A Calf’s Life on the Camas Prairie Ranch

Swoosh, out I slide onto a carpet of grass from my gentle mother’s warm womb.  My first gasps of breath drink in the clear fresh air gracing the prairie lands where I’ve arrived.  I raise my head, shake it unsteadily and begin my urgent driven efforts to rise and nurse. A large cow with rough

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May Day at the Harlow Cattle Company on the Camas Prairie Ranch

The  first day of May 2011 dawns frosty and clear skies with light ground fog.  Mt. Rainier visible prominently to the east dominating the horizon covered nearly entirely in snow presents an entirely  white promontory majestically overseeing the lands below.  I do wish I could report a warmer beginning to  May Day as frost tips

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Anatomy, Sustainability, and Ethics And 3 Harlow Cattle Company Donated Steer Hearts for 7th Grade Science The Evergreen School, Seattle

The 7th grade science classes dissected fresh whole cow hearts as part of their investigation of the pathway from photosynthesis to cellular respiration, and how energy from the sun eventually powers our bodies’ movement. One classroom observer noted: anatomyThe class was phenomenal – have you ever seen a 7th grade science class where each and

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Winter Calving Begins

Here are two photos I took today of the second calf of Harlow Cattle Company winter calving cow; 26 calves to come.   This big bull calf was about 6 hours old in the photos.   A beautiful day and cooperative subject contributed to these lovely examples of life on our beautiful, tranquil, productive ranch and stellar

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The Perspective of a Western Washington Cattle Rancher on the Rising Price of Producing Local Beef

Weather in our northwest region has not suffered from the drought of the plains and southwest hence our pastures and hay production remains good and reasonably stable.  However some weather and other impacts resulted in increased costs of production. Many local, western Washington, cattle ranchers purchase some or all of their winter feed from eastern

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Douglas Squirrel

A Douglas Squirrel sitting outside the ranch house office in the vine maple tree eating maple seeds, delight to enjoy! The Douglas Squirrel is a native, northwest, endangered species of squirrel.   A small squirrel in comparison to the commonly seen eastern gray squirrels; about half or less the size of eastern gray squirrels with an

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Camas Prairie Ranch Wildflowers

Bulls in Today

The minders of cattle first plan carefully for this important ranch task.  The herds are brought up to the corrals in the early morning.  The first task sees the cows and yearling heifers sorted into groups.  Then the calves moved into pens with their mothers..  Heifers into a separate corral pen.  We weigh the heifers

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Coyote With Rabbit

Check out these amazing photos Mark took this morning on our rounds checking cattle.  A coyote with rabbit in mouth, undoubtedly heading back to the den to feed those pups I’d seen on Monday, stopped a short distance off on the prairie.   Fortunate the camera was along!  Doubly nice she (I’m almost sure the coyote

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4-H Steer

Thought you’d get a charge out of this excellent comparison of how a steer calf grows up in 6 months. The pictures above starts with the new born picture of 3Y70 taken March 3, 2007 probably about 85 pounds. The second was taken September 3, 2007 as he was nursing now weighing 655 pounds. A

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An eleven year old cow gave birth to twin bull calves late in the afternoon yesterday, the first around 5PM and the second about 5:30PM. The last time the ranch had twins was in the year 2000 to a cow some of us know as Peaches. Both calves full-term sized but the cow was misplacing

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Late yesterday, I came back up to the barn area just after 5 in the afternoon.  I first noticed the cow who lost her calf and has been playing auntie to the calf born the day she lost her calf early in the morning, nursing this calf born later in the day!!!  Auntie had moved

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